Author Spotlight: The Devil’s Wingman by J.M. Davis

devils-wingmanI am so excited to have J.M. Davis on the blog today spotlighting her upcoming release – The Devil’s Wingman – available for preorder now! The title and blurb already have me hooked. She has possibly the two coolest jobs ever – author and zoo curator. And she’s a fellow Elvis fan. Love her already. 🙂 Please help me make J.M. feel welcome!


I love angel/demon related paranormal romances! What makes your angels and demons unique?

I decided to explore the “angel and devil on your shoulder” myth. With the angel working as a voice in the subconscious, and the demon, or in my telling, the whisperer, encouraging mortals to commit sins, these two reviles are constantly battling for human’s souls. Of course, I have my own little twist on the well-known myth. The two beings are not the tiny creatures most envision sitting upon your shoulder. Instead, they exist on Earth. Tangible, flesh and blood bodies…that just so happen to be swoon worthy.

Which was your favorite chapter or scene to write? And why?

I love all the interactions between Dominic and Kara, but I really enjoyed writing the scene where Cayden takes Kara to heaven, where she reconnects with her father. It was fun to create my own version of heaven, and at times, emotional, as I wrote Kara’s final goodbye to her father.

I also love your title – The Devil’s Wingman. Coming up with titles… love it? Hate it? And why?

Firstly, thank you. As for loving it, or hating it…I think I’m a happy medium. While I don’t love it, creating a title is part of the writing process, so I don’t completely hate it either. Now editing on the other hand…that’s the part I despise.

5 words that describe your romance writing style?

Complicated. Shadowed. Fragile. Consuming. Prevailing.

What genre would you like to write that you haven’t tried yet?


When/where do your best writing ideas come to you?

I haven’t noticed a pattern yet. I dreamt of two characters, then created a storyline around the image in my head. My other stories just came to me. I had to organize the thoughts, and evolve the chaos into a plot, and storyline.

What fictional character would you like to be? And why?

Tessa Gray from Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices Series. Her character development scopes a wide arc, from lost girl, to powerful warlock. She is a lover of books, and is always composed and articulate. And then of course, there’s Will Herondale. ::sigh:: That’s reason enough.

What line or book do you wish you wrote?

I don’t know who wrote it, but I wish I penned the line: she said, ‘don’t get too close. It’s dark inside. It’s where my demons hide.’ And I answered…’Get too close. There is a hell inside of me, it’s where your demons can live.’ Darkly beautiful. I love it.

If you were a professional wrestler, what would your name be? Zoo-Wee-Mama

Something you can’t resist (your kryptonite)? And why?

A warm croissant. Especially if it’s been stuffed with delicious chocolate…yum!

And now for the speed round ala Actor’s Studio. Answer each with one word only:

  • What turns you on? Pompadours.
  • What turns you off? Negativity.
  • What is your favorite word?
  • What is your least favorite word? Snatched.
  • What sound or noise do you love? (Owl) Hoots.
  • What sound or noise do you hate? Whining.
  • What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? Photographer.
  • What profession other than yours would you NOT like to attempt? Masseuse.
  • What is your favorite swear word? Crap (Does crap even count as a swear word?)
  • If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say to you as you enter the Pearly Gates? Howdy. J





Release Date: April 29th

After the death of her father and her own serious issues, Kara Maven decides to move back to her hometown to complete her senior year at Belman University. She settles into life on campus when her world is shaken by a handsome bad boy with a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dominic Benenati is a half-demon Damamah, or whisperer, whose role on earth is to ensure Hell’s population thrives by pushing humans to act upon their sinful thoughts.

To complicate matters, enter Cayden Adams who is an angel determined to save Kara from Dominic’s influence. But does Kara really want to be saved?

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Acting on a whim, I brought my hands up and pressed my palms against his cheeks. They burned like a fever. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get used to that.
His black eyes latched onto mine. I waited as he struggled with something internally, pain and confliction clearly written across his face. Eventually, his expression shifted, the hard planes of his features softened into a sweet smile. As our faces drew closer, my breathing became ragged …with anticipation. When he wet his lips, it was nearly my undoing. My chest heaved with expectation, trembling each time his breath crept across my skin. I looked into his eyes; the crimson specks were recessing, like a fading tide within a murky sea of black ink. They were hypnotizing.

“If I am under a trance, don’t ever rouse me,” I murmured.

His eyes glimmered just before he pressed his warm lips to mine. Our mouths moved together in perfect unison, as if they were molded to fit one another. The kiss deepened, and together we were swept away by our unraveling emotions, pawing at one another as though each other’s breath was the only oxygen we had.

When we finally parted for air, we both stood staring at the other, panting. Dominic took my hands, his touch warming me like a soothing balm.

He cast his eyes down to our intertwined fingers, his long lashes fanning out over his high cheekbones, and he said, “My fraying willpower makes it hard to walk away from you.”

“Then don’t,” I whispered.

About the Author

jm-davisI work full-time as a zoo curator, so when I’m not running a zoo, I’m trying to tame the one I live in! I have two kids, and a husband who sometimes acts their age. I can usually be found jamming to Elvis Presley tunes, or diligently chipping away at my never-ending ‘to be read’ pile. I tend to gravitate toward anything paranormal. I love creatures who fly and characters who sprout fur or fangs. Sprinkle some romance and magic into the mix, and I’m a happy girl!

About the Pic: I almost submitted a professional headshot, but opted to show off one of my favorite t-shirts instead. As you can see, I adore Elvis Presley. I own countless memorabilia, and have been to Graceland twice. I am not ashamed to flaunt my obsession! Long live the King of Rock n’ Roll!

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