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11612_731840733573963_9198117258949455714_nI’d like to introduce you to Mia Darien, one of the awesome special guest authors who will be popping in to share during my Facebook party May 15th!  Mia is one of the co-authors, as well as the editor, cover designer, and driving force behind Here, Kitty Kitty – the paranormal romance anthology of stories that I wrote Hannah’s Fate for (kicking off the Shadowcat Nation world). Her books have been called quality thrillers with an abundance of nail-biting mystery and suspense. Mia has an awesome vampire series – The Adelheid Series – which she’ll be sharing during the party.

About Mia Darien

cameronslaw125Born a Connecticut Yankee in nobody’s court, Mia Darien grew up to brave snow and talk fast. She started reading when she was three and never looked back, soon frequently falling asleep with a book under her cheek. (Something she still does, though these days it’s her Nook as often as a paperback.)

At eleven, she discovered “Night Mare” by Piers Anthony and entered the world of grown-up fantasy fiction and it was all over from there. She started writing at fourteen, then met vampires as a teenager and the concept for what would become Adelheid was soon born. Epic fantasy remains her first love, but she enjoys writing whatever stories come to mind in any genre.

Now she loves both writing and helping her indie community with her freelancing. A geek till the end, she enjoys role-play by email games and World of Warcraft when she has the time. Married to her very own Named Man of the North, she lives with him, their mini-tank (also known as their son) and pets, who usually act more childish than the child.

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