Svatura Series Release – Coming Soon!


I am thrilled to announce that the 4 books of the Svatura series will be released by my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, together as a series throughout one very special month!

4 Novels in 4 Weeks!

We will be releasing one book of the series a week for four weeks this coming fall! Details like dates and book covers and book trailers and all that are pending, so check back here often.




Ellie, Selene, Lila, and Adelaide

One will come out of hiding to protect others from the fate she suffered. One will lead her people after being released from a hellish nightmare. One will try to start a new life only to discover that her path lies where it always has. And one will experience a loss so terrible that only oblivion can stop the pain.

Individually they are strong. But together these sisters of the heart are a force before whom even their most powerful enemies will tremble. However, that may not be enough. Is the key to their salvation power…or love?

Are you ready? Because the Svatura series is coming!

I will be the first to raise my hand when someone asks the question, “Are you a lucky girl?” Cause I am. 🙂 I am so excited about this opportunity and am grateful to TWRP for their willingness to embrace this unique circumstance of having all the books in the series written and ready to roll. Thank you!

The Wild Rose Press

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