My Top 10 Paranormal Romance Novels

Guest Post Re-Post: Originally posted 6/11/2015 on Author Kat Jameson’s blog as a guest post – part of my Sarai’s Fortune blog tour organized by Masquerade Tours.


Kat requested this topic and I have to say it was really fun to put together (and I can’t believe I haven’t before!). It was also a little like asking me to choose between my kids. These are all in the paranormal romance, because the romance element really seals the deal for me. You’ll also see some authors listed twice. When I find an author I like I read EVERYTHING they write. I’m sure as soon as I hit send I’ll think of 10 more that should have been on this list.

10. Messenger’s Angel (Lost Angels #1) – Heather Killough-Walden
Heather is one of the first paranormal romance writers I discovered. I loved all of her Lost Angels series, but the first book is what really got me hooked. Something about the flirty hero and discovering new words.

9. Provoked (Dark Protectors #5) – Rebecca Zanetti
Rebecca is hands down one of my fav authors in this space. Her world building is phenomenal. And her characters are hot. In this one, Kane is the perfect mix of brilliant scientist and totally hot.

8. My Wicked Enemy (My Immortals #1) – Carolyn Jewel
Love the strength of the heroine in this one. Also love the integration with the real world. Couldn’t put it down.

7. Tempted (Eternal Guardians #5) – Elisabeth Naughton
I love this entire series, but Demetrius, the hero in this one, is brooding and dark. Just the way I like them.

6. Feral Sins (Phoenix Pack #1) – Suzanne Wright
I LOVE the very powerful, very snarky heroines in Suzanne’s books. And she delivers with Taryn.

5. Eternal Rider (Lords of Deliverance #1, Demonica #6) – Larissa Ione
I love the four horsemen of the apocalypse concept – unique in this genre, I haven’t seen any others use the concept. Larissa does it in a beautifully hot way. It’s also a spin off from another of her awesome series.

4. The Heat (Big Bad Wolf #1) – Heather Killough-Walden
The first book I read by Heather, and it hooked me on her writing forever. I particularly love the way she has the hero/heroine together in the first few pages. Excellent!

3. The Spell (Big Bad Wolf #3) – Heather Killough-Walden
Love this entire series. But, similar to the other favs on this list, this one has the combination of a dark/brooding hero and an ultra-powerful heroine.

2. Fated (Dark Protectors #1) – Rebecca Zanetti
The book that got me hooked on Rebecca’s writing for life. Talen is one of my fav heroes of all time – powerful, confident, and ultra-protective of the woman he loves.

1. Here Be Sexist Vampires (Deep In Your Veins #1) – Suzanne Wright
The book that got me hooked on Suzanne’s writing. Sam is sassy and confident and kicks the boys butts. I love it. And Jared is the perfect man to take her on. I also love Suzanne’s take on vampires.

Well those are mine. Obviously I’m a fan of dark/brooding heroes and snarky/powerful heroines. Oh, and series too! I’d love to hear what would make your top list in this genre. I’m always looking for great books!

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