Men of the Shadowcat Nation (Your Perfect Match?)

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One of the first things I do when developing a character is pick an actor who I think represents the image I have in my mind. It gives me a good basis for descriptions and personality. The Shadowcat Nation series will end up with 5 heroes when I’m done. Here’s a bit about each guy, and the actors I’d pick to play them in the movies (wouldn’t that be nice!).



A natural diplomat, Nick is in charge of inter-dare relations between his Keller Dare and the others of the Shadowcat Nation. Nick has thought only of one woman for years, but waited for her to grow up before claiming her as his mate. But did he wait too long?

He is: loyal, constant, intelligent, thoughtful, dedicated, a savvy negotiator, and determined.

Physical Description: Mountain lion shifter. Tall and lean with sandy brown hair and kind blue eyes.

Actor: Garrett Hedlund (



A.J. is one of the Alpha’s Protectors at the Keller Dare. Stealthier than even Andie, he plays by his own rules. Especially when it comes to love. And he has secrets of his own.

He is: confident, deliberate, in charge, fair, a leader, a fighter, sometimes playful, and needs a woman who can hold her own with him.

Physical Description: Mountain lion shifter. He is powerful, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes.

Actor: Brant Daugherty (



Zac Montclair is the leader of the polar bear shifters, a position he took on at a young age when his parents were killed in front of him. His calling in life is to protect and prosper the people he loves.

He is: hard, stand-offish, serious, powerful, loyal, brutal with enemies, yet soft with a lover.

Physical Description: Polar bear shifter. Very tall at close to 7 feet and heavily muscled (but not uber-bulky with it). Dark hair, with a little grey in the beard, and dark eyes.

Actor: Joe Manganiello (



Depositphotos_21944159_sGage McAvoy is set to be the next Alpha of the McGraw Dare of cougar shifters. He’s prepared to do whatever it takes to earn that role, until he meets the one woman who makes him rethink his life.

He is: charming, smart, ambitious, smooth, secretly kind, more possessive than he realizes.

Physical Description: Mountain lion shifter. Tall for a mountain lion at well over 6 feet. Blond with green eyes.

Actor: Alexander Skarsgard (



Depositphotos_65610029_sShane Callahan has no use for the Shadowcat Nation after his Alpha ordered his wife’s death. He’s lived for years with the polar bear shifters as one of their Protectors, although before that he was an accountant. Shane thirsts for revenge, and only the love of a spunky woman might pacify him.

He is: unsmiling, bitter, observant, intense, passionate, protective, and stubborn.

Physical Description: Mountain lion shifter. Lean and shifty. Shoulder length hair going silver at the temples and intense blue eyes.

Actor: Anson Mount (


For a little extra fun, check out this quiz that tells you which man of the Shadowcat Nation would be your perfect match!


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