Top 10 Shadowcat Nation Hidden Gems

Guest Post Re-Post: Originally posted 6/18/2015 on Natural Bri as a guest post – part of my Sarai’s Fortune blog tour organized by Masquerade Tours.


AndromedasFall_w9277_750 (1)I was asked to list the top 10 hidden gems in the series. This is such a fun topic that I dug right in! But I’ll admit to having a tough time writing it because only 2 books and a prequel short story are published so far. So I only came up with 8 because 2-3 more gems are in the third book, which is in my editor’s hands at this moment. In addition, most of my gems are ones that involve a potential spoiler of some kind.

I decided to make each of these as a question which I (sort of) answer for readers to look for as they go along. However…fair warning, some/all of these might give a little bit away!

In no particular order, my top 8 gems in the Shadowcat Nation series (so far) are:’


Who Helps Hannah?

In the short story prequel, Hannah’s Fate, which is in the Here Kitty Kitty anthology, someone helps Hannah and Nick escape. You find out who in Andromeda’s Fall.


Which Seer Told Nick About His Fated Mate?

There are only a few Seers in the Shadowcat Nation, and their identities are kept secret from most of the “general” population. Nick mentions a name, and she becomes important in later books.


Who’s the Real Buy Guy?

In real life, the bad guys are usually not a single person or even group of people. Troubles come from multiple sources. In addition, the people who work against you often do it behind your back or without your full knowledge. Let’s just say that the bad guys in this series aren’t fully revealed yet.


Sarai's Fortune (Shadowcat Nation #2) Book CoverIs Mac More Than He Appears?

Mac, the truck driver, makes a very brief appearance in Andromeda’s Fall. But is his really just a helpful truck driver?


Who Does Sarai Give Advice To?

In Sarai’s Fortune, she gives advice to a few folks. Pay attention to what she tells them. Some may be immediately impactful. Some is setting up more to come.


Is George Everything He Appears To Be?

One of Zac’s polar bear shifters, George also isn’t everything he may appear to be.


Why Are Fated Mates Important?

So far, we know Fated Mates are identified by Seers. But we don’t know why that’s important…


What’s the Bigger Issue?

The hint for this one can be found in the short prologue to Andromeda’s Fall. The bigger issue may not be the other shifters that the Shadowcat Nation of mountain lion shifters is fighting.


If you want to know more, I guess you’ll have to read the story and books. LOL. And I’m always happy to entertain guesses. 🙂

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