Tieryn’s Fury (Shadowcat Nation #3) Blurb & Excerpt

AndromedasFall_w9277_750 (1)Tieryn’s Fury is the 3rd book in the Shadowcat Nation series. And it’s in my editor’s hands as we speak! A small spoiler if you haven’t read Sarai’s Fortune yet…the next book is about Shane and Tieryn. Here’s a short excerpt and my first pass at the blurb for you!


Blurb (Not Finalized):

The day Shane Callahan lost his wife and was forced to run from the only home they’d ever known was the day he vowed to kill every last man responsible. After years of hiding and waiting, he is finally on the verge of taking his revenge. Until he is assigned to protect a Healer and is forced to halt in his quest.

As the Alpha’s daughter and the Healer in her Dare of mountain lion shifters, Tieryn McGraw has enjoyed a privileged life. As the fiancee of the next Alpha in line, she expects that to continue. But then she ends up on the run with a man determined not to like her…who makes her question everything about her decisions and her future.

Shane needs her to heal more than his body. But can Tieryn heal his soul and prove to him that love is a higher purpose than revenge?



“So…what can I do for you?”

“You can go to the Kuharte conference and act as a bodyguard.”

A frown tugged at the corners of Shane’s mouth. “You already have one.”

She waved off the comment. “Not for me.”

“As far as I know the rule still stands that each dare gets only one Kuharte. Right?”


He narrowed his eyes. “What am I missing here?”

“One of the Kuharte is going to show up without her Alpha’s permission…or protection.”

Another frown. “Andie said all the Alphas were on board.”

“On board might be overstating things. In this case, one of the Alphas has paid lip service to the concept but won’t let his Kuharte go.”

Sarai's Fortune (Shadowcat Nation #2) Book Cover“So she’ll defy him and show anyway?”

She nodded. “This particular person is more vital than they realize. I want someone I trust to guard her. Zac’s with me. Andie’s occupied. Even if she weren’t, if she offered, it could be construed as an attempt to poach. That leaves you.”

“What about George?” Zac’s second in command had been Sarai’s bodyguard at one time.

Sarai shook her head. “Zac is the only non-cougar-shifter allowed. Our supernaturals are too important to risk their exposure to other shifters—even our allies.”

Damn. Made sense. Focused of his own agenda, Shane ran a hand round the back of his neck. He swallowed a couple of swear words as he saw his best shot at revenge slipping away. At least he still had tonight. He could identify his targets. He glanced at his watch and grimaced. He’d have to act fast.

“Fine. I’ll do it,” he gritted, with more impatience than tact. “When?”

“You leave now. You need to intercept and help get her to the meeting. Andie will brief you on the plan.”

He pulled up short. “I can’t.” He was sure as hell not going to lose this opportunity to kill them men who murdered his wife.

Sarai simply waited, her gaze held the infinite patience only a Seer could exhibit.

Shit. “You’ve already seen me go. Haven’t you?”

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