Hyacinth (Svatura #2) Excerpt

Griffin-Meme.fwAs we get closer to releasing all 4 books of the Svatura series (1 book a week for 4 weeks – date TBD), I’m getting more and more excited!!! I now have all the book covers (designed by Debbie Taylor and they’re gorgeous). We’ll be doing one big cover reveal August 6th!!!

How about an excerpt from Hyacinth to whet our appetites!

HYACINTH (Svautra #2)


Through a grey swirling mist, Griffin heard Selene’s husky voice calling his name. He realized he was dreaming.

“Go away!” he called out to the emptiness surrounding him, as he swiveled his head around looking for her.

“Griffin, please,” she pleaded.

He clenched his jaw. “You’re the one who controls dreams, Selene. You clear this up.”

“I don’t control dreams, really. I visit. Let me in, and you’ll clear it up yourself.”

The wisps of cloud and fog drifted away. Rays of sunlight broke through. Suddenly, Griffin was standing in a field of wheat with a brilliant blue sky above him. He felt no heat or cold or breeze, saw no movement and no end to the vast golden landscape. He glanced down and realized he was clothed in casual jeans and a t-shirt—similar to what he’d worn earlier that day.

“Well?” he prodded. “Come on. Show yourself.”

“I’m right here.”

Griffin spun around at the sound of Selene’s voice directly behind him. She stood placidly, adorned in a flowing, pale purple sundress that made her look delicate and sweet, the exact opposite of what he knew her to be.

Selene smiled. “Thanks for the pretty dress.” But her face froze when she caught Griffin’s hostile glare. She sighed. “Won’t you talk to me? We could always talk here…in our dreams.”

Griffin crossed his arms over his chest and scowled, attempting to disguise the fact that his silence was due in part to Selene’s beauty. She’d always taken his breath away. “But these aren’t our dreams, are they?” he muttered. “This is you invading my dream.”

“Mmmm…” Her grey eyes never wavered from his face. “I’ve missed our conversations, Griffin. I hadn’t realized how much we used to talk until I couldn’t visit you anymore.”

“You could’ve talked to me.”

Selene tipped her head to the side, taking in his closed-off body language and unwelcoming expression. “Would you have even let me in? I had to yell pretty loudly to get past all your mental barriers tonight.”

Griffin looked away then shrugged. “Probably not.”

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