Getting Started on Seneca’s Faith (Shadowcat Nation #4)

Today I am finally starting work on the 4th and final book of the Shadowcat Nation series – Seneca’s Faith. Hooray!

I’m a solid two months behind where I wanted to be in getting this going. I had to pause to work on major editing of the Svatura series in order to get ready to release all four of those books together (soon – dates still TBD). Finally, I’m at a place with those that I can devote the bulk of my time to writing this one.

I am both thrilled and terrified. Thrilled because I love this series, and the ideas I have for my characters and the overall story are ones I’m very excited to get down on paper. Terrified because it’s the final book in the series. When I wrote Black Orchid, the final Svatura series book, it took a lot (I mean a LOT) of rewriting in order to get all the ends tied up nicely. I’m hoping that my prep work ahead of time for this one–a process that has evolved since writing Black Orchid–will save me some of that trouble.

I wrapped up my prep work today – which always gets me jazzed. My characters now have personality and a growth arc. I now have my major plot points and twists. And I know exactly what my key moments are and where they fall. I also know exactly where I’m going to jump into the story (which is always a tricky decision). How about a peak at my first whack at the start?


Seneca’s Faith (Shadowcat Nation #4)

Consciousness returned along with a pounding headache and raging case of dry mouth.

“Ugh. What happened?” Seneca groaned.

More to herself than anything, so imagine her shock when a masculine voice answered. “We appear to have been kidnapped.”

No. Her luck couldn’t be that bad. She cracked an eye and blearily recognized that she was laying on a four-poster bed with ornate red and gold silk curtains. She turned her head and discovered that her luck was exactly that bad.

“What are you doing here?” she mumbled.

“Excuse me?”

Dang. Had that been too snarky? She wasn’t awake enough to guard her responses.


You’ll have to wait until 2016 to find out what happens next and who she’s talking to. In the meantime, the contract for Tieryn’s Fury, the 3rd book in the series, has been signed and we’re getting started on edits for it. Since the Svatura series will likely release before it, I’m not sure yet on timing for when it will be out. Keep you posted!


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  1. 2016!?! Oh no! And Tieryn’s Fury is just now going to edits. OMG! I can’t wait. *sigh* Good thing I am actually a bit busy to be reading right now anyway. In the process of moving to another state. So maybe timing is good for me. 😀 Thank you for the tease. Has me scratching my head.

    1. I know! I sounds far away. But it’ll go fast. (I hope!)

      Good luck with your move!

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