Svatura Series Cover Reveals

They are finally here! The covers for my new and improved Svatura Series!!!

Huge thanks to Debbie Taylor for the gorgeous cover designs!

The release dates are still TBD – but the dates we’re aiming at are getting close!

Blue Violet Cover Hyacinth Cover Crimson Dahlia Cover Black Orchid Cover
The Svatura series will be released by
The Wild Rose Press together in one special month this coming fall.
1 book a week for 4 weeks!

The Wild Rose Press

Ellie, Selene, Lila, and Adelaide

One will come out of hiding to protect others from the fate she suffered. One will lead her people after being released from a hellish nightmare. One will watch her love go up in flames, unsure if she will perish or rise above. One will experience a loss so terrible that only oblivion can stop herpain.

Each will find their fated love at a time when their very existence hangs in the balance. Individually they are strong. But together these sisters of the heart are a force before whom even their most powerful enemies will tremble.

However, their combined strengths may not be enough. Is the key to their salvation power…or love?



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The Flowers:

All flowers have a meaning. In the Victorian era, people used flowers as symbols to express their feelings.

blue violet: watchfulness, faithfulness, I’ll always be true 

hyacinth:  dedicated to Apollo, loveliness, sorrow

crimson dahlia: a warning, change, betrayal, passion, the heart, emotions

black orchid: magnificence, love, beauty, refinement, reflection, great power and absolute authority

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Author: Abigail Owen

Editor: Mary Harmony (The Wild Rose Press), Wendy Schirmer (original self-published)

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Faery Rose

Cover Designs: Debbie Taylor

***Series originally self-published by the author under the same titles with different book covers.

Blue Violet Cover

Hyacinth Cover

Crimson Dahlia Cover

Black Orchid Cover



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    1. Thanks so much Kayden. Debbie Taylor did such a beautiful job and I’m so thrilled. 🙂

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