FRW Fun in the Sun Cruise/Conference!

20170218_093233Two years ago, I went on the fantastic cruise/conference the FRW RWA chapter puts on every other year. I loved it so much, of course I had to go back this year. This time, I brought my husband, and we had a fabulous time!

Workshops & Talks

I attended a good majority of the workshops. Thanks to all the speakers for their hard work and great info. I particularly enjoyed the panel discussions, particularly the one on contemporary romance, and Alyssa Day’s workshop on writing paranormal. Key note speakers Elizabeth Hoyt and Michael Hauge were fantastic.

Being One of the Experienced Authors

20170219_115445Last time, I participated only as an attendee. And, while there’s always more to learn, this trip I joined the ranks of experienced authors. I really enjoyed being one of the panelists o the self-publishing panel (as Abigail Owen). I also had a great time talking to readers and authors at the book signing on board.

Cruise Fun

We love cruising, so we always have a good time. As usual, we enjoyed the trivia and the shows, especially the comedians. Our cabin was interior, but had a window that faced out over the promenade int he middle of the ship which was cool.

Chichen Itza

20170218_131942Hubby and I have been to Cozumel several times. This time, we decided to do an excursion, and went to see the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. While we didn’t have too long to explore the ruins, due to the time it took to get there, we really enjoyed seeing them. Hard to imagine them in bright colors of blues, reds, and golds, but very cool.

New Friends & Old

My favorite part of the conference is making friends with the awesome folks there. I loved seeing familiar faces from the last conference, many of whom I’ve stayed in touch with thanks to Facebook–Kimberly, Rossie, Victoria, Jessica, Aleka, Heidi, Kristin.

20170220_124253We also had a great time making new friends. We spent a lot of time laughing at all the funny stories we each had to share. I found kindred Indie souls in Traci Hall and Christopher Hawke. I really enjoyed talking with Alyssa Day (and fangirled a bit, too). We loved playing trivia with literary agent Evan Marshal and his wife. I talked with a ton of other fantastic authors–Jade Lee, Debra Ann Davis, Priscilla Oliveras, and many others.

A particular shout out to contemporary authors Tanya Michaels and Sarah Anderson (and their husbands and kiddo – yes I remember their names, but in case they are like me I’m not sharing names). We had a great time with you guys!! (And contemporary readers…check out these ladies books. I’ve already read a few and they’re awesome!)

A huge thank you to Kimberly, Marcia, and all the FRW organizers and volunteers who make this a fantastic conference. The next FRW cruise/conference won’t be until 2019, and you bet I’ll be there!

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