14 Signs of Great Romance

ValentinesDay.jpgAs a romance author, the entire point of my books is to create a romance between two (fictional) people which ends happily ever after. But what does a great romance look like?

Romance and all things romantic can be different for different people. Some think of romance as gifts and dinners. Some think of it as supporting each other through the daily grind. There’s a reason why there are boatloads of books on Love Languages and communication between men and women.

Rather than writing about my own opinion of a great romance, I thought I’d go with what various experts say are signs of a healthy relationship. Because, for me, a great romance isn’t all flowers and pretty words. A great romance always has a happily ever after–in other words a healthy, productive relationship which lasts after the final credits or the book is over.

Think about your favorite romance novels or movies. Which of those romances embody many (or even all) of the following traits of a healthy relationship?

  1. You Communicate
  2. You Trust Each Other
  3. You Speak Your Mind
  4. You Like Yourself and Your Partner
  5. You Let Things Go
  6. You Make Joint Decisions
  7. You Talk to Your Partner Before Others
  8. You Support Each Other in Growth Opportunities
  9. You are Friends
  10. You Keep Your Individual Identity
  11. You Fight (Productively)
  12. You are Willing to Put “We” Before “Me”
  13. You Inspire Each Other to Be Better
  14. You Enjoy Each Other


P.S. Personal addition to the list, sign #15: You don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to say “I Love You!”


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