Website Back Up & Running

So this thing happened…

About 2 weeks ago, my website went down. It took me 5 days to get a response from, who let me know that they’d had a “file failure” and were rebuilding my files.

2 weeks later, and there are still ZERO files rebuilt. Which means my website was gone, kaput, lost. Thanks to the help of Kika Designs, I was able to create a new website with a different host. I at least had some old info from 2 years ago when WordPress was still hosting. But still, I had to rebuild this sucker entirely from scratch. Took me 3 full days of this and just about nothing else.

So the good news is, I have my website back!

The bad news is, all my blog posts are toast. Almost 600 posts over 5 years, gone. I am hoping to recover a few from my old site. Even so….

I’m starting over with the blog as of today. Welcome (back) to the wonderful world of Abigail Owen. 🙂


Update 5/15/2017

Good news! I managed to recover a majority of my blog posts. I’m still missing posts from Nov 2015-May 2016,  July 2016-Sept 2016, and from Nov 2016-May 2017. I “recreated” a few of the most important ones in those time periods. Still great news. Yay!

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