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Due to my website being down for 2 weeks, I am extending this contest through May 15th!

In April, my fabulous newsletter readers signed up for a contest to name a lead character in my upcoming Legendary Consultants novella, TO THINE OWN ELF BE TRUE.

Contestants were given the following description and asked to provide a name. Bonus points for reasons for the name.


From the roughly 75 entries, I selected my favorites. And I am now asking for your help! Please check out the finalists and vote on your favorite.

I will announce the winner on May 15th, 2017 by 8pm CST.



A paranormal doctor (a healer). She is tall. She has medium brown hair with golden highlights (about shoulder length). Stunning blue eyes with an exotic slant keep her from ending up “girl next door” pretty.

She is a city girl who has ended up in a backwoods town in the north to help a bunch of elves. She is super smart, sassy, and sarcastic, but not snotty. She’s actually a people person. 


Samara “Sam” Winters (Submitted by Kelesea F.)

She was named after her father’s best friend from college.

Rian Nakoha (Submitted by Cheryll McM.)

The first name bc it’s striking and unusual like her beauty. The second bc I’m part Cherokee, and it means mother/nurturing which is what healers do in our culture.

Raine Storms (Submitted by Norma S.)

Her mother was a librarian with a warped sense of humor and her dad was an engineer who thought puns were the only way to make someone laugh. She had also been born during a horrific thunder and lightening storm and was older by 6 minutes than her brother Thor. Thank the gods that they hadn’t been triplets because the unlucky 3rd sibling would have been called either Lightening or Gayle depending upon their gender.

Yep I’m the librarian and my husband is an engineer. We didn’t have kids of our own (2 fosters that we adopted) and the thought did cross my mind when we were trying to have our own kids.

Sadie Powers (Submitted by Cassandra H.)

People-oriented and fun-loving. Makes things more fun for others by their enjoyment, good at getting others to have fun. Outgoing, social, group oriented. Does not like to be alone, feels at ease around others. Talkative, open, Values relationships and family. Interested in serving others. Likely to be the center of attention in social situations. Living for the moment loves new experiences. Well-developed common sense and practical ability. Feels the emotions of others. Likes teamwork. Guided by moods

Sapphire Sirona (Submitted by Christine B.)

Sapphire for her eyes and Sirona for the Gallo-Roman and Celto-Germanic goddess of healing.

Brigid Mender (Submitted by Michelle V.)

Brigid is the Irish Goddess associated with healing.

Kaytlyn Althea (Submitted by Angelina B.)

Althea is Greek and it means one who brings healing. Her paternal grandfather came over from Greece as a preteen. Kaytlyn is English and means smart and beautiful. Named after her maternal great-grandmother.


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