Which Dragon Shifter is the Best Kisser?

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Can you judge a man by the way he kisses?

A kiss is a personal thing, made even more so by how a man feels about the person he is kissing. As a reader looking for the next great book boyfriend, what kind of kisses peak your interest? Soft and slow? Hard an demanding? Tension filled and fierce? Tender and loving?

With my newest dragon shifter book—The Rogue King—out now, I thought I’d let you vote for which of the heroes in my two crossover shifter series—Fire’s Edge and Inferno Rising—you would want most for a book boyfriend…based on the way he kisses.

Here are the first kisses between each hero and heroine in each book. Vote below. Which is your fav?


Fallon & Maddie – The Mate (Fire’s Edge Prequel)

TheMate_1600Without turning his head away, Fallon addressed the Council. “I’m sorry, gentlemen. I’m afraid I have to break the rules to prove something to my mate.”

Maddie’s lips parted on an indignant gasp at his arrogant assumptions. “You don’t know that I’m your—”

She got no further. Fallon yanked her into his arms and claimed her lips in a kiss that immediately burned white hot, like her body remembered after just that one kiss months ago. After a second of shock, when she held still under his touch, long enough that he even started to let her go, she let out a small whimper and pressed closer. She opened for him as he brushed her lips with his tongue. A year of pent up longing poured between them. Her body ached with a need that tumbled through her like an earthquake.

A need to be claimed and to claim in return.

A cleared throat brought her back to reality with a frustrating thump, and Fallon pulled back, staring down at her with eyes pulsing with flame. “I may have acted casual, and let you go, but I promise what I was feeling was the opposite.”


Finn & Delaney – The Boss (Fire’s Edge #1)

TheBoss_500She dropped her gaze to his lips and he knew, he knew, where this was going. He scrabbled to draw back his fire and the heat flowing between them, afraid he was influencing her in some way. It was no use. With a whimper, she closed the distance between them and placed her lips over his in a kiss that shot straight through his torn soul.

They both moaned.

Delaney pressed into him with a murmur, melting under in his hands, opening her mouth to his in a way that sent him over the edge. The beast had already unfurled inside him, that bone-deep instinct to claim took over, and he deepened the kiss, taking her mouth like he’d been fighting not to since pulling her out of that barn.

The situation was spiraling out of control and Finn was powerless to stop it.

Did he want to?

Her lips were beautiful under his—warm, enticing, and lush. So soft. So fucking soft. Need stoking hotter than a wildfire in an instant, he slipped his tongue between those sweet lips.

She tasted of mint and strawberries.

Gods help him, he was lost.


Aidan & Sera – The Rookie (Fire’s Edge #2)

TheRookie-reviseHe stepped in close and bracketed her face in his hands in a way that real life Aidan would never, ever do, but she wanted him too much to quibble. “It couldn’t be…” he murmured.

Then, with no warning, he claimed her mouth in the softest kiss. Familiarity was an undercurrent to stark want, her body short-circuiting her mind.

Before she could lean in, though, Aidan jerked away. “We shouldn’t.”

She slowly blinked, the haze of need still blanketing her. Oh, God. Not again. She swallowed. “You don’t want me?”

Denial—of her or the words, she wasn’t sure—tightened the skin over his cheekbones. Those thick dark eyebrows lowering, and tension riding his body like electricity as he stared at her.

Damn,” Aidan groaned and yanked her against him. He possessed her lips, his arms plastering her against the length of his body.

Aidan’s kiss wasn’t just about a connection, it was about acknowledging it.




“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Titus’s harsh voice exploded in the brisk air. Like a guilty teenager caught by his girl’s father, Aidan jumped back from her, leaving Sera to shiver at the unexpected loss.


Brand & Kasia – The Rogue King (Inferno Rising #1)

TheRogueKing_500-new“Don’t kill me for this.”


He pressed his lips to hers, soft at first, then harder. Kasia gasped as relief swirled through her body with a sudden blazing need. She opened herself up to him in an instant, and Brand slipped his tongue inside her mouth, tangling with hers in the most delicious way.

At the same time, a pulling sensation captured her attention.

Wait. Was Brand drawing her fire into himself?

But she didn’t have time to process the implications, because he deepened the kiss, obliterating her agony. Whimpering, Kasia threw herself into a sensation unlike any she’d ever experienced. Maybe the pain had addled her perception, but something about Brand’s kisses, being in his arms, felt…right.

Or maybe that was all her X-rated fantasies about the man in her visions kicking in.

With a low groan that sounded more like a growl, Brand backed off, slowing her down, and she opened her mouth to protest, only to gasp as a lance of pain returned.

“I don’t want you to regret going too far when you’re like this,” he said.


Based on these kisses, which man would be your choice of book boyfriend?

  • Fallon
  • Finn
  • Aidan
  • Brand

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  1. Based on these kisses . . . I would have to say Fallon. They were all hot and I love all the guys! *sigh* But that first kiss from Fallon . . . *sigh* Awesome!

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