Entangled in the City (NYC)

Every once in a while, my author life takes an unexpected and pretty dang awesome turn. This October was one of those.

New York City

Entangled, my publisher for my dragons (and hopefully much more to come), were going to be in New York City at the same time as a large publisher event. Their purpose was to get meeting time with Macmillan who they partner with on all the mass market paperback and trade paperback print projects. And they invited some of the print authors with upcoming projects to join!!!


The Glass Mansion

First of all, we rented a house in Jersey City for all of the Entangled crew to stay at. I got to room with my wonderful friend Alyssa and catch up with her. I also I got a week of hanging out with romance authors and publishers. These are my people–they get my humor and forgive my weirdness and get it when I zone out to write a book in my head or need to leave because I’m done peopling. So I got to laugh and laugh and discuss the romance writing/publishing industry, and laugh some more. Burnt the candle at both ends staying up late talking and making some new and wonderful friends!


Betrayal (Tom & Charlie, Oh My!)

While the Entangled team met with Macmillan and others, the authors hung out, wrote books, chatted, explored. One evening we went to a lovely meal and then to see a Broadway play–Betrayal with Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Cox, and Zawe Ashton.  Hard to watch (as it’s about cheating), but phenomenal acting.


Feminism & Romance

One day, Entangle’s PR firm set up a fun event. A professional videographer came to record all the authors talking about #feminism and #romance. Cosmo will be using clips in their social media. Several reporters came, including Women’s Day and Romance Daily News. And NYC Channel 4 showed up for a hot second. Crazy, right? But so fun (and intimidating actually). All I can say is man are these a savvy, intelligent, amazing group of women. Blown away, seriously.


Dinner with Macmillan

We had an awesome opportunity to have dinner with the Macmillan team. I spent the entire night laughing until my voice was gone (probably way to loud) with another group of women who are amazing, savvy, hilarious, warm, lovely people. (And I’m writing them a story with a wolf shifter and an OCD heroine. They know why).


An Extra Day

Unfortunately (or fortunately, mwahahaha) I booked my flight a day later than I should have. So I got a day in NYC that I spent with Bree (the awesome art director at Entangled) and then by myself. I went to see a dark, dark, dark version of Oklahoma. Really well done, but I have to say too dark for me.

And then I came home exhausted, elated, and ready to dive back into my author life with renewed vigor because I was surrounded by people who inspire me for a week straight.


Thank you!

Best time I’ve had in a long, long time. Shout out to my author friends #EntangledintheCity authors Alyssa DayAvery FlynnAmalie HowardAbigail OwenRebecca Yarros – AuthorPintip DunnTracy WolffCindi Madsen Books, and Helen Hardt!  A huge thank you Liz Pelletier and the Entangled team (Jessica, Meredith, Bree). Y’all rock!!!

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