Title Challenge – The Demigod Complex

This really fun blog post was written for and originally posted on Fresh Fiction, February 2020. 


What if the only reason you got your job was because you were a water nymph with the ability to turn off your reaction to sexual chemistry, no matter how powerful the man? Leia got one directive when she was hired, don’t fall for her demigod billionaire boss. His only requirement for his assistant. Too bad her power doesn’t seem to work around this particular demigod.

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T is for trouble. And she should’ve seen it coming

H is for hubba hubba. Castor’s a demigod billionaire. So much better than the mortal version. 😉

E is for expectation. That waiting and wondering.


D is for demigod. The son of Zeus and a human woman.

E is for energy. Castor vibrates with the blood of his father and the powers that flow through him.

M is for mating. Lei and Castor have to go to a wolf shifter mating. Maybe she should just quit instead.

I is for intriguing. No woman has ever resisted him to this level, and for once, he doesn’t like it.

G is for giving. A giving heart is much harder to resist.

O is for oh hell yes! Or is it oh hell no? These two have trouble deciding which.

D is for delicious. Everything about these two together.


C is for cursed. By an ancient werewolf.

O is for ominous. Someone at the mating wants Leia to pay for past sins.

M is for mistake. Which is the only thing loving him could be.

P is for pheromones. Released at a wolf shifter mating, the make everyone a little…ah-hem.

L is for lightning. Castor controls it with ease.

E is for enticing. Which is more enticing? Love? Or need?

X is for eXhale. As in waiting to…

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