Creatures to Torture with Romance

This really fun blog post was written for and originally posted on Writerspace, February 2020. 


My most recent series of books is Brimstone Inc. Loosely set in the dragon shifter world of my Fire’s Edge and Inferno Rising series, these novellas give me the chance to show other paranormal creatures within the world, most of whom only get a fly by mention in the dragon shifter books.

But I could always use readers help!

The basic concept with Brimstone Inc. is that each book will feature a common contemporary romance trope (story line) and add a twist of the paranormal with a different type of paranormal creature for each book.

Each novella will be completely standalone with only some tie ins to other books in the series, as well as in the dragon shifter series. What really pulls them all together is that each couple will have used the services of Brimstone Inc. in some way.

Okay, here’s an example of the first book in the series…

The Demigod Complex – A nymph who has lost her spring is the executive assistant to a Greek demigod billionaire. And Brimstone are the ones who hired her for him, because she has the unique ability to resist his charms.

See what fun can be had?!?

To give you an idea of what else is already in the pipeline:

Shift Out of Luck – Two wolf shifters, both the alphas of their fueding packs, have agree to a mating/marriage of convenience to try to end the fighting. (Brimstone did the match making!)

A Ghost of a Chance – A woman who can talk to ghosts can suddenly see her own spectral brother. She needs her brother’s best friend to help her find him before it’s too late.

Bait N’ Witch – A witch on the run is placed as a nanny with the very witch hunter who is after her. (What was Brimstone thinking placing her with him?!)

The question is, what next? I am a total lister. I live in OneNote, so you’d better believe I’ve already started lists for the paranormal creatures I haven’t already matched up yet and the fun tropes I could torture them with to make them fall in love.

Which is where you come in…

Check out the list started below. Which combinations do you think would be the most fun? Are there any other paranormal creatures you’d like to see?



  • shifters (any animal you can think)
  • ghosts
  • psychics/telepaths (and all the variations)
  • vampires
  • mermaids
  • elves / fairies / fae
  • angels / demons
  • reapers
  • amazons
  • sirens
  • gargoyles
  • empath/emotional enhancement/manipulation
  • unicorn
  • gryphons
  • chimeras
  • valkyries
  • leviathans
  • skin walkers



  • accidental marriage
  • accidental pregnancy
  • baby on the doorstep
  • blackmail
  • bodyguard / protector
  • forbidden love
  • girl next door / boy next door
  • mistaken identity
  • ugly duckling
  • royalty
  • revenge
  • one night stand
  • bet/wager/dare
  • opposites attract
  • best friends to lovers
  • fish out of water
  • across the tracks
  • redemption

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