NEW RELEASE – Hit by the Cupid Stick

All’s fair in love and…whatever this is.

This Valentine’s Day, when a cupid accidentally shoots himself with his own arrow, he falls for a siren whose only job is to lure men to their deaths.

Charismatic and irresistibly fun, Chance Eroson is a cupid who gets a kick from pairing odd couples and being right about them. Used to getting his way, the only person who shuts him down is the siren who has ruined more than one of his pairings before they started. But his bigger problem is he wants her. He’s always wanted her.

Elodie Sirenian uses her power for good, only hunting evil men. But after so long, and so many horrible people, her cynicism has settled deep inside. She can turn on the charm when she doesn’t mean it, and they fall for it. Every single one. Every single time.

Except Chance. He’s the only person—man or god—who has ever challenged her.

But a cupid’s magic is temporary. There’s no way a true love match is possible. Not this time.




Brimstone Inc. is set in the same world as the Fire’s Edge & Inferno Rising series!
Each book is a standalone and can be read out of order.

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  1. Not only have I pre-ordered, I’m dying to read this! It sounds hysterical! I have a feeling this one is going to be one of your funnier ones! 🥰

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