Book Box Unboxings – The Liar’s Crown

My publisher for The Liar’s Crown — Entangled Publishing — did the coolest thing!!! As part of the marketing for the book, they created and sent out these custom book boxes to a specific list of folks. (Before you ask, I have no idea how you get on their list for these.)

The reason I am sharing is because this is one of those author “milestones”. It’s huge to be spotlighted in this way, and I can not tell you how beyond thrilled I am to have this happen. There might have been misty-eyed tears involved when I first saw them. Dream achieved!

And how absolutely beautiful are these boxes? The box itself is decorated in the theme and art from the book. And they included….

  • a copy of the book
  • a custom temporary tattoo with the book art
  • a foldable mirror that says “Born to rule.” on the back
  • a “painting with diamonds” art kit matching the book art

Several folks have unboxing videos up on TikTok and/or Instagram if you want to see things in more detail (if the links don’t work you can search “The Liar’s Crown” on those media). Meanwhile I’ll be doing a happy dance over here!!!

Thank you to Entangled and to all the folks sharing pics and videos! xoxo

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