Diamond Art | The Liar’s Crown

I have a new obsession. My publisher sent out book boxes for The Liar's Crown and included in the boxes was a diamond art kit. I had never done diamond art before, though I'd seen it. Think of it like paint-by-number, only instead of painting your sticking these little faceted "diamonds" of different colors to... Continue Reading →

Book Box Unboxings – The Liar’s Crown

My publisher for The Liar's Crown -- Entangled Publishing -- did the coolest thing!!! As part of the marketing for the book, they created and sent out these custom book boxes to a specific list of folks. (Before you ask, I have no idea how you get on their list for these.) The reason I am sharing is because this... Continue Reading →

Bae Crate | September Book Box!

I am the featured author for Bae Crate’s monthly book box for September and I am so stinking excited! BOTH The Rogue King and The Blood King will be included along with custom art of the characters, signed bookplates, and a letter from me. You can sign up for the monthly subscription OR just buy... Continue Reading →

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