The Entangled Influencer Book Box – The Liar’s Crown

My publisher, Entangled Teen, sent out these amazing book boxes to various influencers in social media. These boxes were entirely themed around The Liar’s Crown with goodies that match the book and, of course, a copy of the book itself.

And they sent me one!!! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Included in the box are:

  • The custom box that matches the cover art and is a piece of art all by itself, inside & out
  • A custom temporary tattoo to match the cover, created by artist Amy Shane
  • A collapsable hand mirror that says “Born to Rule” on the back (the tagline)
  • A diamond art kit that is a skulls and flowers design
  • The book itself!

For more details and up close looks, check this out…


A huge thank you to Entangled Teen for putting these together. I am so blown away.

To readers, I hope you love the goodies and especially the book!!!

*Side note: If you’re wondering how to get on their list of influencers, I don’t know. You’ll need to get in contact with Entangled. 🙂

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