Character Interview: Ramsey

I met Ramsey Pierce for coffee and to ask him the questions that his fans wanted to know about. I was very excited about this interview. Ramsey is the volatile, but mysterious, firestarter who lives with a family of powerful Svatura. 

While I don’t think he was exactly excited to do the interview (I get the impression that Charlotte sort of insisted), he was still polite and very nice to me. He definitely seemed  more relaxed than when I first met him. Getting his power under control has certainly made a difference. Though he’s still fairly reserved. 

Ramsey definitely looked good. He’s a hottie in general. But his serious green eyes that seem to watch everything were particularly green since he was wearing a dark green polo. He wears his dark red hair in a clean cut style. Just yummy. I ordered my usual latte with about ten squirts of caramel. Ramsey stuck to coffee, black and strong. 

After getting our coffees – he paid, such a gentleman – we sat down, and jumped right into the interview. I started him off with any easy one…

Do you get really hot when you work with the fire?
[Small half smile.] I don’t feel the heat unless I want to. So, if I was really cold, I could warm myself up. Same thing with other people by the way. I can make it so that they feel the heat only if I want them too. Although I’m still working on that skill.

Where did you go and how did you survive after you left your parents?
I was 10 when I left my family. We lived on the frontier, so I had grown up hunting and farming and knowing how to be self-sufficient. I spent a lot of time on my own. As more and more towns and cities popped up, and land became fenced and owned, I started moving from small town to small town. I would work for farmers or ranchers doing odd jobs in exchange for food, lodging, or money. I can take care of myself.

Have you been in contact with your parents since you left?
No. At first I knew that if I went back to see them I wouldn’t leave again. I may be able to take care of myself, but that doesn’t make it easy. After many more years passed, I didn’t go back because I thought it would be too hard on them. My father has been gone for a long time now. While I inherited my power from my mother, she didn’t have a power, it skipped her generation. I’m assuming that she and my sibling who she was pregnant with when I left are both long gone as well.

Have you ever accidentally used your power in front of a normal human?
[Grimaces] When I was at my worst was when I was alone in the wilderness all those years. I set a lot of forest fires. The first time I went into a town, some boys harassed me. Looking back I don’t blame them. I looked like a wild thing. But they got my temper going. Thankfully I didn’t light one of them on fire. Just the general store. They were so surprised they stopped fighting with me and I ran off. I stayed well away from that area for a very long time.

If you were so worried about being a danger to your new family, why’d you stay with them so long?
[Grim.] I meant to. Every day. I was waiting for my power to remotely feel like it was getting out of control. But it never did. Ellie thinks it’s because Lila’s power to calm and heal emotions was working on me even then, without her trying.

So what’s up with you and Lila?
[Confused.] What do you mean? She’s like a sister to me.

Do you think she could be your te’sorthene?
[Genuinely shocked.] Why would…? I mean what gave you the idea…? I mean… I care about Lila of course. But. Have you been talking to Adelaide or something? [Long pause. I think he actually blushed.] Next question.

Why did you let her leave?
[Laughs. Though it doesn’t sound truly amused. More annoyed.] Something about the women in this family. No one “lets” them do anything. Lila didn’t ask my permission to go off with Marcus. And I didn’t have the right to ask her to stay. What she’s doing is important. For all of us. Especially for Selene. So her leaving made sense to me.

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  1. Totally awesome! It makes me wish I could read minds so I could see the coming story lines. I love the conversations with your characters. You really do make them come alive. I hope to read many adventures of this growing adopted family1! Thanks Abigail ~Cindy

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