Story Boarding Book #3

With Hyacinth just recently launched, I’m still deep into the marketing of my new book. However, I’m also moving on to book #3 of the Svatura series (as yet unnamed). I know the key plot points for book #3. I had to figure out the full series so that I set up what needed to be set up in Hyacinth. Because of all the plot points to keep track of, I had a goal to storyboard the book to get my thoughts more organized and help the flow of my writing. And a few weeks ago I discovered an awesome story boarding program that is awesome! So I just gotta share it…

I was on Rebecca Zanetti’s facebook site (one of my fav authors), and noticed a post that looked like a picture of a cork board with color coded note cards on it. I knew immediately that it was for story boarding  I’ve tried a couple of options with this and have yet to find anything that works well for me. Programs are either too complicated or too simple. But this seemed worth a look.

A quick Google search turned up Scrivener – a software that not only let’s you storyboard, but you can also organize your research, track your character details, and write the book itself chapter by chapter or even scene by scene. It’s a software specifically for writers. I downloaded a free trial to try it out. And, several hours of playing later, I had book #3 storyboarded!!!

Svatura Book #3 Story Board

Check it out (pic to the right is my storeboard for book #3)! Here’s the method to my maddness…

The green cards are front/back/matter (title page, dedication, table of contents etc.)

The pink cards are character details. The pictures are of actors who I think look like my characters. And then I can add details like physical description, power(s), and key personality points.

The blue cards are scenes. I separate out each individual scene – even if it’s only going to be a few pages – on one card with a few notes on how I want the scene to go. I can click and drag to move them around. I have enought plot points and different character points of view going on… you’d be surprised at how frequently I move these around.

The yellow cards are ideas. If there’s a point I want to make sure I remember, or an overarching theme I added it in yellow next to scenes where it’s particularly relevant.

The orange cards are notes. Mostly to myself. For example – “gotta think of another scene with Ellie/Alex” or a plot point that needs to be woven in but not as it’s own scene (just mentions here or there).

Then I can set the status for the different cards. Things like “To Do” or “First Draft” or “Completed”.

I gotta say I LOVE this method of story boarding  It fits exactly with how my mind operates. Previously I did all this in word and used highlighting colors. I tend to write in chunks of scenes and move around a lot and then connect them all together. So this helps me be able to do that with a much better visual.

Book #3 is not completely figured out. I still have some place holders. But that’s typical of me. And I’m a ton further a long than I was with either of the first two books at this point. I’ve started writing on all these plot points and as I go I know I’ll come up with the rest (that’s how I tend to work – ideas feed  new ideas). I’m already about 50 pages in! It’s flying onto the pages.

I am officially insanely excited about book #3.  Summer 2013 here I come!

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