Svatura Book #3 – Vote on the Title

I have yet to name the third book of the Svatura series. Over the last two weeks as part of my contest to help name the book, readers have been submitting title ideas to me via comments here, on Facebook, on Twitter, and email. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas and submissions!!!

Out of the 20 flowers people sent me, I have picked the top 4 title ideas that I think work best for the book and the series. Please vote on your favorite title for Book #3 by commenting here, on Facebook, or by emailing me directly with your vote.

When voting, keep in mind the following guidelines for the best title…
1. The name of the flower would work as a cool book title
2. The flower would look good on the book cover
3. The flower meaning fits for Lila & Ramsey

Please Vote on the Following Titles for Book #3 of the Svatura Series:


Option #1 – Lisianthus
Meaning: calming
Option #2 – Crimson Dahlia
Meaning: diversity, elegance and dignity, a warning, change, travel or betrayal
Option #3 – Heliotrope
Meaning: turn towards the sun, devotion, the herb of love
Option #4 – Delphinium
Meaning: open heart and ardent attachment
I’ll be collecting votes through April 29th and will announce the winner (and the new book title) on April 30th. I am so excited to finalize the name for Book #3 of the Svatura Series:
Blue Violet
Book #3?
Book #4?

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  1. I really like #1, but I thnk you need a different color for the 3rd book, and I think #2 would look great.

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