Lead Up to Release

Only three more days to release for Andromeda’s Fall and I’ve hit the final sprint to the end. For once, this one is feeling a little more relaxed. Usually I’m working on the book and edits right up till the last moment. But editing is complete, the book cover has been released, the blurb is finalized, etc. I bet you’re saying, what else do you have to do Abigail?

A lot!
I’ll spend this weekend formatting the book for both Amazon Kindle and for print. Both take a slightly different layout and formatting, so I have to do them separately. I’ll also spend quite a bit of time checking those formats in the different virtual viewers provided to see if I have any weird hanging words, blank pages, formatting that messed up during conversion etc.
After that it’s time to upload – that part is pretty quick – and wait for the book to appear on Amazon.
That must be then end you say? Nope! Next comes prepping for release day. I’ll write, format, etc. the blog post, Facebook post, and Twitter posts that will go out on the day. In addition, I’ll prep my email that goes to my mailing list of fans.
The day of I’ll update a lot of social media beyond those big ones. On top of getting the announcement posts out the day of, I also need to update several pages on my Blog (the “new releases”, “events”, & “books” pages) as well as a lot of other pages out there – Goodreads, Pinterest, my Amazon author page, LinkedIn, Google +, and the list goes on. I sometimes even miss a page here or there and catch it next time I’m on that particular site.
I’ll also shoot out emails to the bloggers who’ve previously reviewed my books, just to give them the info. In addition, I’ll be getting ready for the Blog Tour – organized by Masq Crew of course – that will start up in March. I’ll try to write as many guest posts ahead of time as I can. There’s probably a ton more that I could (should?) be doing. But that’s enough for now.
I know this sounds like a lot of work, but I actually love it. I get so excited for a new release, doing all of this gives me an outlet for my nervous energy. So come on Tuesday!!!

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