Black Orchid Progress Update

How about an update on where I am with Black Orchid?

I get a lot of asks about release date and so forth for this one. I’m thrilled that so many people are excited to read the final installment of the Svatura series. So here’s the latest…
May is definitely on!!
Whether it’s beginning or end of May will depend on how much reworking needs to be done. Black Orchid is currently in the hands of my awesome editor Wendy. I’m doing an extra round with her on this book. It’s the last in the series, so I’m being even more picky than usual with it. This first round of hers is straight up beta read. I’m expecting her comments back by next week at the latest.
I will probably take a solid month (hopefully not more) to apply her feedback and do any necessary rewrites and additions. Then back to my usual pattern which is to go to Wendy for two rounds.  Because she’ll already have done much of the heavier beta-read lifting with our first round, hopefully we’ll be able to go a little faster on these rounds than usual. Depends on how much I change between rounds.
Look for a finalized release date from me by mid-April.
In the meantime, Jason, who’s done all my previous beautiful Svatura covers, is hard at work on the last one. We finalized the flower image this past weekend and it’s gorgeous! With Blue Violet and Hyacinth we had the swirlies (that’s the technical term). With Crimson Dahlia we had the smoke. Black Orchid will have yet a different background embellishment going on.
Look for the cover reveal one to two weeks before release.
After I’ve applied the beta read edits I’ll start posting excerpts and teasers here and there. May will be here before we know it!!!

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