Black Orchid Excerpt

A low rumble of murmured voices just outside in the hallway pulled him out his thoughts. He softly shut the fridge door and moved closer to the kitchen doorway. Nate recognized his leader’s deep tones as he neared.

Maddox. Enigmatic and powerful. They all followed him with a blind loyalty that Nate sometimes thought bordered on fanaticism, but nothing had shown him yet that the sentiment was not deserved. Maddox could morph both into a wolf, leading this pack with an iron fist, as well as a dragon. A dragon that their enemies seemingly had no way to defeat.

A second person spoke. “Of course. I’m almost finished.”

Nate froze as he recognized Talia’s voice. What the hell was she doing talking to Maddox? Talia rarely came out of their room. Her power restricted her too much. She could feel every emotion of the people around her, only amplified. In fact, if she got around too many people, it became debilitating. And he’d never seen Maddox go anywhere near her.

Probably just bumped into him in the hallway, Nate thought. At a guess, she must’ve woken up to find Nate gone and come looking for him.

“How deep in is he?” Maddox asked.

“Completely,” Talia replied.

“But could he handle prolonged exposure?”

“I believe so. We’d just need to set the stage properly.”

“Excellent. There’s been a development. I think we may have an opportunity to use your little mistake to our advantage,” Maddox said.

“So what we discussed earlier?” Talia asked.


“That’s good because I’ve just about drained him,” Talia said.

“Well if you’d attached to Ellie like you were supposed to—”

Attached? Nate thought with a frown. Maddox had to be referring to Ellie Aubrey, a dangerous and powerful Svatura, and Adelaide’s sister-in-law. Also an enemy. And who had Talia drained? And what did she mean about drained anyway?

“Don’t go into all that again,” Talia said, with a venom in her voice that Nate had never heard her use before. “You knew when you sent me that I don’t have complete control over that. It was a risk you accepted.”
“Hmmm… Well, perhaps we can salvage something out of this.”

“Shall I bring him to you tomorrow?” Talia asked.

There was only one ‘him’ that she could possibly referring to. That’s it, Nate thought. Unable to let this go, he stepped out into the hallway.

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