Who Is Nate Pierce?

SPOILERS from Svatura books 1-3.

The fourth and final book in the Svatura series – Black Orchid – has a new hero (or is he the villain in this one?) – Nate Pierce.

As with Adelaide and Lila, I met Nate early on in the Svatura process. He was also one of those friends that Ellie was protecting in the scene where she’s a falcon watching over her friends. But when that was the only part of the Svatura story that existed, Nate was still a nameless, faceless person.

I knew from the beginning that Nate would be an outgoing personality, and a bit on the goofy side. I have a soft spot for those types of guys anyway. But his personality makes him the perfect foil to Adelaide’s more serious and shy nature. Nate is frequently the first to relieve tension with a joke, or the first to speak his mind when no one else will. But he was also always Adelaide’s rock. He was strong, supportive, and true – just like his power of super strength and speed. He was her natural protector. Will he be again?

Adelaide’s and Nate’s relationship was always a fun one to write because he was the goofball and she was his straight man. But I could always see the absolute love and trust there. I ALWAYS knew they’d break up by book three. But it was just as hard for me to watch it happen as for my readers who didn’t see it coming.

We left Crimson Dahlia with Nate walking away from his relationship with Adelaide to go with Talia and Maddox. He may no longer believe that he and Adelaide are te’sorthene. We’re not entirely sure what happened to him.

In Black Orchid… Will Nate remain with the enemy, blindly following Maddox? Will he stay with Talia, tied to a new te’sorthene? Or will he somehow find his way back to Adelaide? And, if he does, can she forgive him? Can he ever forgive himself?

Black Orchid – May 23, 2014!

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