Black Orchid Excerpt #2

Not too much longer!!! Black Orchid – the fourth and final book of the Svatura series – will be out this Friday, May 23rd. Here’s a little taste to wet your whistle….

When she didn’t say anything, he repeated the question. “Are you Svatura?”
She nodded abruptly. “Yes.”
Nate held his breath. She couldn’t have given him a better opening. This was it. The key moment when he had to gain her trust.
The staged fight with Dave had gotten him in the door, so to speak. He glanced over at Dave’s unconscious form. He hadn’t actually killed Dave. Just knocked him out cold, as had been the plan. As soon as he could, he planned to pretend to bury the guy. But it would be in a very shallow grave and with plenty of air to breathe. A bit of a risk, but Nate doubted Adelaide would actually go check. Then later, under the cover of night, Dave would return to Maddox.
Hopefully he’d manage to bury Dave soon. He didn’t want Adelaide looking close enough to see him breathing, or notice the guy twitching as he woke up. The entire scene had one purpose: to get Nate in with Adelaide.
Now it was up to him to win her over completely.
“You have some kind of power, right? That’s why he was after you?” he asked.
Adelaide looked down at the ground, scrunching her hands into fists so tightly her knuckles turned white. She was taking this better than he’d expected. At least, she appeared to be so far. He’d assumed there’d be screaming, that she might even attack him. But so far she’d been fairly rational.
“You can’t be here,” she said in a low, raspy voice.
“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you…. I just saved you!”
She raised her gaze to his, and Nate was stunned to see that her green eyes were now glowing bright yellow.
“You don’t understand,” she whispered. “I could really hurt you. You need to leave. Now.”
Nate took a step closer to her. He could see that her slender body was quaking from head to toe.

Adelaide held up both her hands. “I can’t hold it in much longer. You really need to go.”

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