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I’ve had so much stuff going on lately with the Sarai’s Fortune release, I’ve been totally obsessed with that. I still have an epic blog tour program set up for June that I’m getting ready for now, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to just chat about this and that. In other words, what else is rocking my world at the moment.

New Job

After a year as a stay-at-home-mom. I’m back at work part time with my previous awesome high-tech company. A different role and one I’m enjoying, but figuring out how to balance work, and kids, and writing, and…it’s a lot.

End of School Year

School is wrapping up which is always insane because they have parties and events and all sorts of things that we have to fit into our schedules. Schools definitely aren’t working-parent friendly around here. Activities are also wrapping up with baseball and swim lessons finishing among other things, and end-of-season shenanigans associated with that. I’m really looking forward to having the kids home all summer. We have two fun vacations planned out over the months off. Looking forward to all of that. Getting into the planning bit.

About to Sell Some Stuff

We’re doing a bit of a house purge this summer. Right now we’re in the planning phase, getting ready to sell some stuff, donate some stuff, and trash some stuff. It’ll be lovely to be clutter free as well as replace some older furniture with nicer/newer items.


I’m just getting over the latest plague brought home by my kiddos. This was a nasty bronchitis. In the meantime, I’ve started the Arbonne Get Healthy program. It’s a 30-day program that’s an elimination diet, shakes for 2 meals, and a specific healthy way to balance your plate for the other meal. Here’s what’s crazy – I’m not remotely hungry and the weight is melting off like it hasn’t in a good 10 years. So hooray for that! 2 more weeks to go and then I’ll probably stay on some maintenance version of it because it’s so easy to stick to and effective.


I’ve sent Tieryn’s Fury (3rd Shadowcat Nation book) in to my editor Lill. Waiting to hear back on that. Blue Violet (Svatura #1) is in copy editing. I just got the gorgeous cover and will share very soon. Waiting to hear back and start working on Hyacinth (Svatura #2). Starting my personal round of editing on Crimson Dahlia (Svatura #3) so it’s ready to go when my editor, Mary, and I finish Hyacinth edits. I’m working on a novella that I’m hoping Wild Rose Press will pick up for a Valentine’s Day release. It’s a cute contemporary. I’m planning to have first draft finished early June and to Mary by end of June. After that I start first draft of the fourth and final Shadowcat Nation book. My plan is to have that to Lill by end of September or so. After that…who knows!


So… that’s my crazy world at the moment. I’ll keep you posted on the writing stuff. I’m hoping that summer slows things down a bit, but I have the feeling that August will be here before I know it. 🙂

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