Sarai’s Fortune – Drafting & Editing

With each book I write I find that my method keeps getting more complicated (or detailed maybe is a better word) as I learn more techniques that are effective for my writing. I also find that the "mistakes" I've made consistently in the past I'm not making so much any more. So the good news is... Continue Reading →

Rewrites: Changing a Scene

When I was going through the first rounds of Andromeda's Fall and received the first critiques back from Wendy, I realized that I needed to a change a big scene in the story. At a guess, I'd bet most (if not all) authors have had to go through something like this at one point. You... Continue Reading →

Editing Saving the Sheriff

Wendy and I are through with our first round of Saving the Sheriff - the first book in The Hills of Texas series. This is the sixth book we've worked on together. However, this is the first contemporary romance, so I was very curious to see Wendy's feedback. With each book I've posted about some... Continue Reading →

What’s another way to say… ?

I frequently run against a scene where I repeat a word over and over again. I try very hard not to do this, and Wendy is great a catching times when I did without realizing it. In fact, it drives me bananas when I find it in books, or worse, song lyrics. Sometimes, you have... Continue Reading →

Andromeda’s Fall Update

Andromeda's Fall is progressing quickly at The Wild Rose Press (TWRP). Thought I'd give a quick update on the experience so far. It's been awesome! First of all, I have to say that TWRP treats their authors very well. They have easy systems for gathering all the info they need and have been nothing but... Continue Reading →

Black Orchid Edits

It's about that time. With each book I write, when I hit the editing phase with Wendy, I share some of my newest key learnings or most consistent issues. So here's what Wendy is catching a lot of in Black Orchid. Too Many "Eyes" In my first pass, I had a ton of expressions and... Continue Reading →

March 2014 – Goal Setting

My "Month of Andromeda's Fall" is over and I am very much looking forward to what March will bring. Before I look forward, let me first take a moment to send out a huge thank you to Masq Crew for the awesome cover reveal, and to all my readers (old and new) who played the... Continue Reading →

Andromeda’s Fall Editing

As I always do when I hit the editing phase, I am here to share some of the editing fun going on with Andromeda's Fall. Surprisingly, no repeated bad habits really stood out with this book. (Okay so there was one little one - I overused the words "sassy" and "crouched". But that's it.) Wahoo!... Continue Reading →

Editing Crimson Dahlia

With both of my previous two books, I've shared the various things that have come up in the editing process (Blue Violet and Hyacinth). It's always been an interesting exercise for me and fun to share. Although, I will say that it's also a little tricky since I don't want my readers obsessing over catching... Continue Reading →

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