Sneak Peek Sunday – Andromeda’s Fall

I’m on a Sneak Peek Sunday Blog Hop!!! Below is an excerpt from my upcoming paranormal romance, Andromeda’s Fall, to be released by The Wild Rose Press at a date TBD. Enjoy!

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Andie crouched low in the underbrush, obscured from view, and watched the compound with a quiet patience born of experience. If her calculations were correct, the next patrol of guards would pass by within the minute. Her posture and expression didn’t shift an inch when, seconds later, she was proven correct.

As soon as the sentry passed from sight, Andie moved like a shadow through the stillness of the night. Ignoring the pain in her body, she sprinted across the lawn and was up and over the wall. She dropped to the ground on the other side with a barely audible thud.

Andie found herself on the backside of a manicured garden. She stayed completely still, hunkered down, and took her time observing her location. About a hundred yards ahead, she saw light from the main building in the complex. The glow spilled out from a pair of glass doors and across the trees and plants, creating patches of darkness and light.

Andie moved again, using the pools of shadow and groupings of plants for cover. She didn’t go for the doors. They were too obvious. Besides, they were likely wired to the alarm system and required some kind of code to get through. But on the second floor, one of the windows was wide open, allowing in the cool night breeze. With agile grace, Andie swung herself up into the branches of a large tree just outside that window.

She took care to use only her right arm, which slowed her down a bit. But the injuries she’d sustained a few days earlier made her left arm almost unusable. As quickly and as soundlessly as she could, she made her way up to the branch closest to her chosen point of access. She stopped again and observed.

Andie didn’t move for close to thirty minutes. She just watched. When she was satisfied, she leapt with all the power of her feline form. She didn’t shift exactly —she was trying to avoid that right now since it would be seen as a direct threat if anyone caught her —but she used the might of the beast inside her to clear the distance to the window. She sailed through the opening and immediately tucked and rolled as she hit the ground.

— Andromeda’s Fall (Shadowcat Nation #1) – Release Date TBD

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  1. I live vicariously through my characters. My life is exciting, but in a more subdued way. And definitely not dangerous. Lol.

    Thanks for commenting!

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