Five Word Friday (Feb 6, 2015)

Five Word Friday is my goofy way of sharing what’s top of mind for me each week – usually writing related, but not always. If you think it’s a fun concept, I invite you to reciprocate with your own five words/topics that are top of mind for you – either in the comments below or on your own blog post and share the link.

My five top of mind items for Friday, February 6th, are:

1. First

This is the first Five Word Friday post and the first video post with me just talking. Nervewracking!

2. Cruising

I’m on a cruise in the Caribbean with a bunch of romance writers. Heaven for me, except my family isn’t with me. I’m sure I’m missing them, but hopefully learning a lot and having fun!

3. Anniversary

February is my anniversary month. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband. I couldn’t have written a more perfect man for me.

4. Birthday

Happy birthday to me this month! Here’s hoping good skin care (thank you Mary Kay!) means you can’t figure out my age just looking at me. 😉

5. Imogen’s Fury

Book #3 of the Shadowcat Nation series is under way. Goal – finish the first draft by end of February.

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