Mating May Tear Them Apart – Fire’s Edge

TheBoss-Teaser#4In shifter worlds, mating and how it works is a pretty big deal, critical to relationships and inter-shifter/inter-pack dynamics. Which is why I decided to make it the central conflict of my brand new dragon shifter series, Fire’s Edge.

Yes, I still have fated mates, but I’m throwing in a bit of a wrench in that dragon shifters (who live thousands of years) have politicized the entire mating process. It doesn’t help that if the mates choose wrong, the woman dies in the process and the guy loses part of his soul. And, if a male doesn’t find his mate by a certain age, he’ll die sooner as his body, his mind, or both breaks down.

Those in power can’t entirely force the issue by assigning mates to the “right” people–the fates and certain physical marks prevent that. However, there has to be a reason some clans aren’t getting as many mates, some shifters have never found theirs, and more and more mates are dying in the process.

Meanwhile, the heroes of the Fire’s Edge series are a team of enforcers who were hand picked by their kings to enforce the laws in the colonies. The position is one of honor, given only to the best fighters and most loyal dragons. So how can they question the very processes and laws they’ve sworn to uphold?

The mating situation has already caused problems for our team of enforcers. A few have experienced the terrible side–losing a false mate or never having been chosen. One of their ranks has turned traitor, leaving the team and fighting them directly. And all are about to question the process in their own way as dragon mates find them.

The conflict through the course of the series will become one of choosing sides, determining who to trust, protecting the men they consider to be brothers, and possibly breaking with the very shifters who put them in the positions they love in the first place. Can finding their own mates impact the bone deep loyalty of the men who’ve sworn to protect the laws and the very way of life of their people?

You can start finding out with two new releases!

The Mate – A FREE Prequel Short Story


The Boss – Fire’s Edge #1


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  1. Oh yes! This is the very thing that has me so hooked on this series. I see skulduggery afoot. Can’t wait for the next book already. Am I being impatient?

    1. I wouldn’t say so! I literally just finished the book now and I’m looking on here to find out about the next one! Haha

      1. Yay! The Mate and The Boss are the only two out so far in Fire’s Edge. More to come pretty quickly now that the first books are out. Thanks for reading!!!

    2. Hehe! Great! I find some readers don’t like overarching conflict like that and want everything tied up in each book. So hooray that you are enjoying it. 🙂 Next book is already with my editor. I don’t have a release date yet. Crossing fingers for Feb or March.

  2. I really like this concept! I love how the norms surrounding sociological norms, like mating and marriage, bleed over between worlds. Just think — we get to build that part of a culture, a culture that already exists in the form of tropes… But doesn’t actually exist, because it’s fiction. You’ll have to pardon me, I’m all hopped up on medicine and little kid germs, but thank you for giving me an interesting thought to chew on.

    1. Thanks! I love surrounding my favorite part of a story with the central conflict and turning it on its head. It’s a fun way to mix it all up!

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