Romance GenreCon 2023 | Memories!

I had the absolute BEST time at Romance GenreCon hosted by Mid-Continent Public Library in Kansas City!

This con was so well organized with tons of great workshops and events for romance writers, readers, and librarians. Huge hugs to all the awesome writers and readers I got to hang with and talk with.

The library took such wonderful care of us with such kindness and warmth. I want to move to KC just to hang with them all the time. Librarians are superheroes!

And to the phenomenal group of brilliant featrured authors who I was so lucky to get to know… I loved every second of our time together.

Romance readers and/or writers, if you get a chance to attend this con, I highly recommend!!!

Now to take all that energy and inspiration and channel it into my WIP. 🙂

Also, make sure to check out these incredible authors:

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