A Little Disney Inspiration

My family and I took an an awesome Disney cruise just before Thanksgiving. We like cruises in general, but this one was particularly magical given that it was Disney and that they had everything decorated for Christmas. And no, I do not use the term magical frivolously. This is Disney we’re talking about here people. I loved watching my kids and my nephew take everything in. Although, if they could have spent every second in the Mickey Mouse pool or riding the AquaDuck slide, I think they would have.

I have a confession to make… I might have been more into the Disney stuff than the kids were!

I grew up consuming all of the movies, watching the Mickey Mouse club (both the originals and the 90s generation), watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons, etc. Living in the middle of the country, we didn’t get to Disney World or Disneyland often. That’s something I mean to remedy for my own kids. However, I owned probably 30 Disney movies (on VHS and then DVD) long before I had kids. I just love all things Disney!
For me, like many little girls, the biggest draw was probably the princess movies. The magical, imaginative portions of their stories – princes, dragons, witches and wizards, fairy godmothers – really connected with my creative, day-dreaming side. And now I write that stuff. Their love stories are part of what got me hooked on romance stories from a young age. And now I write them.
Throughout the week of the cruise, as well as a few days at Disney World, I very much enjoyed being reminded of my original love for this magical universe. A world where princesses, princes, evil queens, fairies, talking mice, dragons, pirates, and so much more, can be real. As adults, we get sucked into the seriousness of life all too often. The logistics, and work, and thinking that goes into just getting through our day-to-day lives can sort of take over.
I use both reading and writing fantastical books as a means of escaping and relaxing. But with this vacation, I got to let loose and really be a kid again, with my own kids this time. I got to see and experience Disney through their eyes. What a great way to spend a very nice vacation! And to remind myself to take a step back every once in a while and rediscover the magic in the world.

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