Hyacinth Excerpt #4 – Girl’s Night Out

Selene had never felt so self-conscious in her life. Lila had managed to talk her into wearing a tiny white skirt with a striking purple top, which looked modest enough from the front, but the back was nearly non-existent, only staying put because of a few well-placed strands that crisscrossed her shoulders. Thank goodness she had long hair.
She followed her friends into the club, barely able to hear over the booming of the music. They managed to commandeer a table large enough for all of them. Once they sat down, Selene glanced around, noticing several appreciative stares.  Alex, Ramsey, and Nate left to get drinks while she and the girls got settled.
“What do you think?” Adelaide yelled over the music.
“I don’t know yet. It’s too loud to think,” Selene shouted back.
“Well, let’s get you on the dance floor, girl.” Lila grabbed her hand and pulled her up.
Once on the dance floor, Selene carefully imitated what the other girls were doing. Apparently the goal was to either join with a group of girls, dancing as provocatively as you could, or you danced with a guy and there was a lot more provocative movement going on, but directed at that particular guy. Selene found dancing to be incredibly liberating. The beat got into her blood and after a while she was throwing aside her own ingrained inhibitions and wiggling her hips along with all the other girls on the floor.
Eventually, the song changed, but she and the girls stayed out on the floor. Random guys came up to them, trying to get in close, but they’d just laugh them off and turn back to the girls each time. Sweat started to curl the hair at her temples making Selene glad she wore so little, or she’d be very hot.
Selene was sitting at the table taking a break when a shiver of apprehension shimmied down her spine, soon replaced with a sense of dread.
 Someone was watching her …
She casually turned her head to gaze around the club, pretending to be taking in the scene. But as far as she could tell, there was no one there who shouldn’t be. Just throngs of club-goers lost in their own worlds, not paying attention to her at all. Selene mentally scolded herself for her paranoia, but it was understandable. It was almost second nature after Gideon’s long reign, and the years spent watching every single thing she said and did.
She was just forcing her muscles to relax, when a large male hand landed in front of her on the table “Wanna dance?” Griffin’s asked. 

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