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As we get ready to move back to our home state of Texas, we have been using our remaining time in California to visit several of our favorite places that we may not get back to see any time soon. I thought I’d share a few spots. If you’re ever in Northern California, I’d highly recommend these!

Lake Tahoe

tahoe2We’ll be attempting to get up there some time in the next week or two. Just a day trip. My hubbie and I are both big mountain people and we will really miss having them so close by. Texas doesn’t have mountains (no I don’t count the ant hills in West Texas).


yosemite1Speaking of mountains, we’ll be spending a day in Yosemite on our drive to Texas later in August. My parents will be with me and they’ve never been. Too bad the drought means the waterfalls will not be running, but the views are still gorgeous!

San Francisco

20150719_13111020150719_131322Now, that covers a wide range of activities. Our particular favorites are visiting the Wharf (including Ghiradelli of course), the Golden Gate Bridge, the Marin Headlands, and Sausalito. We did all but Marin in July. We stayed at an awesome hotel right by the Wharf called the Zephyr, very cool. We did a bay cruise as well, which was new for us.


disneyWe had a blast at Disneyland this past weekend enjoying both the Disney park as well as California Adventure. My personal favorite rides are Splash Mountain, Small World, Big Thunder Mountain, and the new Cars ride.


We will miss these spots plus Napa, Apple Hill, Old Town Sacramento, and many other great places to visit. You never realize how great you have it until you no longer have it. Right? We are sad to leave gorgeous CA, but happy to be returning home to family. Texas here we come!

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